All Geared Head Facing Lathe

Geared Head Facing Lathe

Sound Machinery is a  Geared Head Facing Lathe manufacturer and supplier in Punjab.  Geared Head Lathe Machine provides maximum efficiency and reliable performance under the conditions of service with minimum maintenance cost. Geared Head Lathe Machines are famous for accuracy, and trouble-free performance. Lathes have been designed to cater to the need for sustained accuracy and superb finishing.

Bed:- Bed is the foundation of lathes and carefully designed and is made up of high grade cast iron. It has a c cross-ribs to support walls and three inverted ‘VEES’ assembled removable gap with a large swing.

HEADSTOCK: The main spindle is of alloy steels with a ground finish to give accurate results. The main spindle runs in the bush or tapers Roller Bearing.

SADDLE: The V ways running on the bed and the slides are most accurately hand scrapped and aligned accurately with the bed and the headstock.

TOOL-POST: The tool-post is made out of one piece of steel block and can hold four different tools at a time and can be swiveled to any desired angle.


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